Pick by Voice

Pick by Voice

Pick by Voice

The essence of Pick by voice systems is the communication of warehouse workers with the warehouse system using voice, and this saving time needed to operate portable Terminals.

DATAMobi implements Pick By Voice systems, which work well at a high pace of work, where picking occurs relatively often and quickly. Then the implemented Pick By Voice system brings tangible benefits. DATAMobi carries out implementations so that Users can devote 100% of their time and devote more attention to the completion their most important tasks – substantive ones. The investing Companies eliminate the costs of warehouse workers’ working time previously necessary to record the performed tasks. After the Pick By Voice system is implemented, records of completed tasks are carried out “in the meantime”. In highly developed countries, Pick By Voice systems have gained much greater recognition and popularity than in Poland.

The Pick By Voice system offered by DATAMobi has beneficial features:

  • Full correctness of voice communication Wrahouse Workers with the System.

100% understood commands and messages.

  • Easy implementation
  • No need to implement additional-external software, interfaces, etc.
  • No need to replace or purchase special voice terminals

DATAMobi provides;

  • rich functionality and flexibility

There are more benefits and advantages. Pick by voice is one of the methods to improve intensive picking.

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